Affordable Paralegal Services
  1. Divorce
    We prepared documentation for divorces as follows: 1. Domestic Partnership 2. Contested Divorces 3. Uncontested Divorces 4. Pending Hearing 5. Brief 6. Support (Child and Spousal Support)
  2. Trust
    We prepare documentation for trust as follows: 1. Trust 2. Amendments to Living Trust
  3. Notary Services
    We notarize any form of documentations as follows: 1. Deeds 2. Letters 3. Approval Notices, etc
  4. Probate
    We prepare documentation for the following probate matters: 1. Small Probate 2. Full Probate 3. Removing Names from property, etc
  5. Child Support
    We provide documentation as follows: 1. District Attorney Child Support Division hearings 2. Divorce child support request 3. Suspended driver license because of non-payment of support 4. Response to any child support hearing, etc
  6. Domestic Violence
    Restraining Orders documents are prepared as follows: 1. TRO's Responses or Request, etc.